SilentRetreatPoster Silent Retreat is a fine little horror romp from Starko Entertainment. The company retreat that goes awry at a secluded lodge with a dark history -- that's the premise of Silent Retreat. This movie is a bit of a slow burn with a lot of character development up front and just a few hints of something more sinister going on before we get to some of the big reveals and the action picks up. This provides us some time, to get to know our characters, with leads played by Donny Boaz as Zach and Rebecca Summers as Meigan, and while the characters here are your general archetypes, there is a lot of great humor included. This development may run a bit long, but once the super-religious girl, Rita, goes missing and everyone splits up to go find her, the pace of the film begins to move.


The first death is rather surprising and caught me off-guard, and it wasn't a run-of-the-mill jump scare, so I give the film makers props for the unexpected.

I also really liked the creepy ambient music played during the flashback reveals of the lodge's dark past. It was a good selection that really drew me into the moment. There were other flashback sequences, however, that needed a better transition since it was confusing at first that we had just flashed back. The acting was adequate -- I thought Rebecca Summers was the best of the lot -- with humor sequences being the most natural flowing between the characters. Tedi, played by Eli Bildner, was out perpetual comic relief. The location was fantastic! You can't beat a beautiful lakeside lodge for the isolated retreat-type horror flick.  OpenBox


Silent Retreat is a fun horror romp with surprising twists that keep you engaged. While it has a few plotholes that will leave you scratching your head, they're not detrimental to the film and your curiosity of what happens to the characters next will draw you back in. This was enjoyable, and I'm looking forward to the next offering from Ace Jordan and Starko Entertainment. Available on DVD and Digital from Starko Entertainment and Midnight Releasing. Watch the review below.

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